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VALE Project Funding Services

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) established the Voluntary Airport Low Emission (VALE) Program to help airports improve air quality consistent with emission reduction goals of the Clean Air Act. Eligible VALE projects range from electric Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and rechargers, hybrid vehicles, gate electrification, and, more recently, renewable technologies like geothermal and solar photovotaics (PV). 

HMMH helps airports evaluate existing air emission sources in support of VALE funding proposals for airport projects to reduce local and regional air emissions.

Meeting VALE eligibility, including securing air emissions reduction credits (AERCs) and understanding energy financing for a solar or geothermal project is complicated. HMMH can work with airports in structuring a project using our relationship with FAA to simplify the VALE eligibility criteria. HMMH has specialized skills in both solar PV and geothermal activities which, combined with our understanding of airport operations, helps to ensure successful implementation of an airport solar or geothermal project.

Visit the VALE website for more information.