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Part 150/161 Compatibility

HMMH works with airports to develop noise and land use compatibility plans under Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 150. In fact, some 75 or more air carrier, general aviation and joint use airports have used our services to help comply with the regulation.

These services include:

  • Assisting in the design, specification, procurement, and use of noise monitoring systems
  • Designing noise barriers and ground run-up enclosures
  • Modeling and testing of noise abatement departure profiles
  • Developing and assessing noise abatement flight tracks and runway use programs
  • Setting up sound insulation, navigation easement, and purchase assurance programs
  • Training staff
  • Preparing informational material, such as pilot handouts, newsletters, and web pages

Our studies often require working with airport advisory committees, including local citizen groups, to explain noise assessment methods and interpret results. We have developed public involvement programs to insure all interested parties are given the opportunity to participate.

Part 161

HMMH also works with airport operators to consider formal use restrictions, which require highly specialized studies under 14 CFR Part 161, “Noise and Approval of Airport Noise and Access Restrictions.”  HMMH is the unquestioned leader in application of Part 161 and has conducted related studies at ten airports – ranging from preliminary feasibility assessments through defense of new, revised, or extended restrictions under a Part 161 “grandfather” provision, to formal FAA approval of new rules:

  • Flying Cloud, MN (feasibility assessment of a Stage 2 restriction)
  • Los Angeles International, CA (mandatory runway use program)
  • Naples, FL (FAA approval of Stage 2 ban)
  • Portsmouth, NH (noise budget to prevent increase in overall exposure)
  • San Francisco, CA (application to extend existing night Stage 2 restriction)
  • San Jose, CA (feasibility assessment of Stage 2 restriction)
  • Scottsdale, AZ (feasibility assessment of Stage 2 restriction)
  • Teterboro, NJ (feasibility assessment of Stage 2 restriction)
  • Van Nuys, CA (assessment of nine proposed use restrictions, leading to FAA approval of a grandfathered Stage 2 phaseout)
  • Westchester County, NY (defense of extension of existing use restrictions under Part 161 grandfather provision)

Since the adoption of Part 161, HMMH is the only firm to have assisted airports to obtain FAA approval of new formal use restrictions: the Naples Stage 2 ban and the Van Nuys Stage 2 phaseout.

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