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Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Implementation

HMMH offers advanced, cutting-edge capabilities and experi­ence related to identification, assessment, and implementation of Performance Based Navigation (PBN) procedures. Our capabili­ties include:

  • Realistic assessments of PBN technologies and their applica­tions to specific airports or metro areas
  • Noise and emissions analysis in support of PBN implementa­tion
  • Airport and airspace planning to enable PBN implementation
  • Stakeholder outreach that is tailored to PBN issues 

HMMH is currently assisting the FAA in a large-scale implemen­tation of PBN across the US, which will deliver PBN solutions to 21 of the busiest metropolitan areas. HMMH is facilitating re­views of current and planned airspace and procedure efforts and providing appropriate levels of environmental analysis. HMMH is responsible for scoping the effort for PBN implementa­tion sites, assessing the impact of proposed PBN procedures on noise and air quality, proposing changes to alleviate excessive noise and/or emissions levels, developing and facilitating stake­holder engagement, preparing technical documents summarizing the findings for those implementation sites, and shepherding those findings through appropriate levels of coordination and review. 

Project Experience