HMMH has developed a proprietary solar photovoltaic (PV) modeling tool – SoGlare™ – which uses Java software to assess potential glare impacts from proposed solar projects on sensitive airport receptors. SoGlare determines when and where solar glare can occur throughout the year from a PV array as viewed from specified observation points. The tool employs an interactive map for specifying solar project site and observer locations or paths. The SoGlare model provides a "black and white" (i.e., glare or no glare) analysis of reflection.

The model has been successfully applied to several proposed airport solar projects and used to support an FAA 7460 No Hazard Determination.

Project Experience

quoteThe HMMH Team, led by Phil DeVita and Steve Barrett, were excellent to work with; they listened to our concerns, they took the time to make sure our project stakeholders understood the key issues and most importantly, they delivered on their commitment to the project's success.quote— Jordan D. Feld, CM, AICP
     Director of Planning, Tucson Airport Authority