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Solar Glare Modeling

HMMH utilizes modeling tools to evaluate solar PV projects and in some cases, alter a project's design characteristics in the event glare is predicted. Project variables such as footprint, orientation, and tilt angle can be changed to avoid and minimize impacts of glare on sensitive receptors early in the project design, saving the sponsor time and money.

HMMH's modeling experience includes Sandia National Laboratories' Solar Glare Hazard Analysis Tool(SGHAT), for which HMMH provided input on its development and feedback on its applicability. HMMH has been using SGHAT in its beta testing to evaluate solar PV projects and the FAA has approved several projects where SGHAT determined there would be no impact based on the analysis prepared by HMMH. In 2013 Sandia National Laboratories won an R&D 100 award for the SGHAT model. See the video below prepared by Sandia, in which HMMH’s Director of Climate and Energy Stephen Barrett and Phil DeVita, Director of Air Quality, are featured.  

HMMH also has a proprietary modeling tool – SoGlare™ – which uses Java software to assess potential glare impacts from proposed solar projects on sensitive airport receptors. The model is different from SGHAT in that it provides a "black and white" (i.e., glare or no glare) analysis of reflection rather than assessing degrees of intensity.