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Reflectivity Research

In spring of 2012, HMMH was awarded a research grant to prepare a "Guidebook for Energy Technologies' Compatibility with Airports and Airspace" for the National Academy of Science's Airport Cooperative Research Program. A central aspect of the research is to identify and fill data needs associ­ated with solar reflectivity and support guidance for appropriate project siting to avoid the impact of glare. HMMH teamed with the Department of Energy's Sandia National Laboratories to undertake this part of the project. The research has focused on (1) laboratory tests of commercially-available solar PV panels to measure reflection from different incidence angles, (2) field information to validate reflectivity modeling software, and (3) surveying pilots about their experience with glare from solar PV projects. The results of the research will improve understanding concerning the impacts of glare and develop and refine tools for avoiding and minimizing impacts.