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Sound Insulation

HMMH provides acoustical consulting services to residential and institutional sound insulation programs throughout the United States including:

  • Pre- and post-modification acoustical testing to ensure that program-mandated criteria are met. We offer two methodologies for these tests. One measures actual aircraft noise; the other measures an artificial noise source
  • Sound insulation treatment recommendations that will adequately reduce the interior noise and vibration levels while ensuring a cost-effective and efficient program
  • Determination of acoustical vulnerabilities in the program structures
  • Design of practical and effective acoustical solutions that address the acoustical vulnerabilities within the housing stock of a particular program
  • Acoustical reviews of the architectural designs to ensure all acoustic vulnerabilities are adequately addressed

Project Experience

FAA Issues Program Guidance Letter (PGL) 12-09 to Limit Structures Eligible for Sound Insulation Treatment


FAA Program Guidance Letter (PGL) 12-09 imposes a new “two-step” eligibility requirement for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funded noise insulation projects, including requiring that structures must have a noise level equal to or greater than 45 dB Day-Night Average Sound Level (DNL) prior to insulation.

For more information on the PGL, including a summary of the major implications of the PGL, please click here.