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Project Experience: Soundscape Builder™ for “The Sound of Amsterdam” Exhibit, Amsterdam, Netherlands

After five years of research on sounds that were significant in earlier eras in Amsterdam, the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, in collaboration with HMMH, opened an exhibit at the Amsterdam Museum demonstrating how the sounds of Amsterdam have changed over the years. Using sounds researched by Professor Karin Bijsterveld, Annelies Jacobs, Alexandra Supper and recorded by Arnoud Traa, HMMH mixed, balanced, and conditioned the sounds so that they would be realistic if heard in Dam Square in Amsterdam. The exhibit opened March 28, 2013.

How did cities used to sound? This is a question that many of us may have wondered about, but HMMH together with Professor Karin, her students, associates and staff of the Amsterdam Museum have provided an answer.

The exhibit is presented with a touch-screen and headphones. The headphones provide the realism of binaural recordings, as does HMMH's Soundscape Builder™. Visitors can choose the year (1895, 1935 or 2012) and the sounds they want to hear. The 1895 and 1935 screens provide eleven possible sources and single ones or any combination may be selected; both English and Dutch versions are provided.

Visit the exhibit at: http://amsterdammuseum.nl/node/1089

quoteEen speciaal woord van waardering voor de publieksgerichte component die beslist als geslaagd mag worden beschouwd en die een geheel nieuwe dimensie aan museale presentaties van het verleden heeft toegevoegd.quote
quoteA special word of appraisal for the public outreach component of this innovative project that can definitely be considered successful and that has added a completely new dimension to the museum presentation of the past.quote— NWO (Dutch Organization for Scientific Research)