Alice J. Richard

Principal Consultant Specializing in Aviation Environmental Services

Alice Richard is a Principal Consultant with HMMH’s Aviation Environmental Services Group and has 15 years of experience as an aviation management consultant, with technical specialties in airport air quality, dispersion modeling, sustainability, and ground transportation. Alice has provided consulting services for the planning, construction, operations, and maintenance of some of the nation’s largest public infrastructure projects. Her talent for creative analytical thinking, temperament for communicating with diverse audiences, and ability to learn new subjects quickly has put her in high demand for one-of-a-kind and unusually fast-paced projects. She is most often called upon to manage projects on a number of environmental topics, including those that are familiar and those that may have previously been unfamiliar. Her areas of expertise include criteria pollutant dispersion modeling, greenhouse gas management, federal, state, and local environmental grant programs, sustainability planning, waste/recycling programs, and energy and solar power generation analysis.

Alice holds an M.S. in Transportation and Logistics Planning from Northwestern University, and a B.A. in Applied Mathematics from Keene State College.



Alice wanted to be a truck driver as a child, and she continues to be fascinated by how people and boxes move around the world. Alice still loves long road trips, maps, and carpool karaoke… especially where there’s a flight required to get to the starting line!