Bradley Dunkin, Brad Dunkin, Senior Consultant, Aviation, HMMH, aircraft noise, noise exposure mapping, noise exposure

Bradley M. Dunkin

Senior Consultant Specializing in Aviation

Brad recently joined the HMMH team as a Senior Consultant. Since starting, Brad has worked extensively on noise exposure mapping projects for Boston-Logan International Airport, Dallas Love Field Airport, and Newark International Airport.

He has designed and modeled acoustic transducers for sonar and ultrasound applications, and has extensive experience with all aspects of measurement, including transducers, instrumentation, computer interfacing, and data storage and retrieval. During his graduate work, Brad participated in the PARTNER program, which investigated aircraft noise and its impact on neighborhoods near airports. This research provided essential experience in such acoustical topics as atmospheric propagation, loudness perception, and noise metrics and regulations.

Brad holds an M.S. in Acoustics from Pennsylvania State University, a B.S. in Electrical Engineering as well as a B.S. in Engineering Physics, both from the University of Colorado.


After college, Brad was the tenor for an A Capella quartet.