John Weston, Director, Surface Transportation, Rail, Transit, HMMH, surface transportation noise, transportation noise, transportation noise mitigation

John C. Weston, AICP

Director, Surface Transportation Specializing in Rail & Transit and Highway

John has been assisting clients for over 20 years to assess and implement transportation projects. He has a deep understanding of the issues associated with project implementation and the impacts transportation has on communities, ranging from assessing noise impacts to identifying opportunities for transit oriented development. With a focus on rail and transit projects, John has managed rail planning and design projects including policy studies, corridor feasibility and planning studies, environmental assessments, project permitting, track and station design, and construction phase services. John has a wealth of comprehensive rail and transit development knowledge and regularly draws on that knowledge to support clients, whether it be for the management of freight railroad grant programs or the development of operations and finance plans for transit services.

John holds a Masters of Planning from the University of Virginia and a B.A. in Geography from University of Massachusetts Amherst.


John looks forward to winter, not necessarily the cold, but all the fun that the snow brings: snowboarding, skiing, and snowshoeing.