Layheab Ly

Consultant Specializing in Federal Programs

Layheab Ly has an extensive background in environmental compliance and in assessing various geospatial datasets. Her interests lie in geo-information systems (GIS), data, and environmental services. She leverages her technical experience in analyzing and visualizing geospatial satellite and climate data sets along with environmental regulatory compliance to effectively communicate to various internal and external clients. Ms. Ly has working knowledge of Python, SQL, and R script as well as experience working with ArcGIS, RStudio, and PyScripter software.

Ms. Ly is currently enrolled in an accelerated Bachelor and Master of Science program in Cartography and Geo-Information Science at Salem State University. She recently obtained her Bachelor’s degree in 2019 and expects to complete her Master’s degree in 2020.


Layheab is an avid chaser of summer. She loves soaking up the sun at the beach, hiking to waterfalls, and kayaking. Among trying other new foods and traveling, she enjoys eating spicy foods clinging onto what is left of the heat. Layheab also enjoys spending time with family and catching up with friends.