Margo Olson

Margo Y. Olson

Accounts Payable Administrator Specializing in Project Support/Accounts Receivable

Since 1990, Margo has played a significant role in nearly all HMMH projects. At the heart of every firm offering a service, there is someone making sure that the bills are being paid and goals are reached. As the accounts receivable administrator and a member of the project support staff, Margo is that person. She ensures that the financial and conceptual goals of each project are reached, and that project managers are able to deliver tangible reports on their success and the development of their respective departments.

Margo’s daily activities ensure that every department at HMMH is able to perform at their highest possible level of productivity.

Margo holds a B.A. in English from Finch College in New York State.


Margo is a licensed realtor in Massachusetts. She is the thrilled grandmother of five grandchildren, and in her spare time enjoys gardening, needlepoint, and visits to any beach!