Priscilla D. Brownlow

Consultant Specializing in Surface Transportation Group

Priscilla Brownlow is a Staff Consultant with the Surface Transportation Group at HMMH. Most of her experience so far has been with projects related to highway noise including field data collection, TNM modeling, impact analysis, and reporting. Priscilla has also worked on several rail noise and vibration projects, and some community and airport noise as well. While she is still gaining experience in these other areas, with an academic background in seismology and a private pilot certificate, she already has a strong knowledge of wave propagation in the earth and airport operations.

Priscilla received a Bachelor of Science in Physics with a Minor in Music from Kutztown University in 2011, and a Master of Engineering in Acoustics from Penn State in 2013. Most notably during her time in graduate school, she participated in an expedition to Antarctica for the purpose of servicing and retrieving data from an array of temporary seismometer stations across the western half of the continent as part of the POLENET project.