Report from CAEP 10

02.17.2016 | Mary Ellen Eagan |

This is my first time representing ACI as an observer to the ICAO CAEP meeting. And what a meeting I picked!

At the meeting yesterday, CAEP approved a recommendation that will be forwarded to the ICAO General Assembly in September to adopt the first-ever carbon standard for aviation.

As discussed in the the New York Times, the standard will require a 4 percent reduction in fuel consumption of new aircraft starting in 2028 compared with 2015 deliveries.  It also sets new limits for airplanes in production that are delivered after 2023. Depending on the size of the aircraft, actual reductions would be from zero to 11 percent, with a bigger emphasis on larger commercial airplanes.

The White House Fact Sheet emphasizes the significance of the agreement, as aviation is the first global industry to adopt a climate standard since the Paris Climate Agreement in December.

The standard is expected to be formally adopted by the civil aviation council of 36 member states in June this year, and then endorsed by the council’s assembly in October.

In addition, CAEP also forwarded a recommendation for a new Non-Volatile Particulate Matter (nvPM) standard, and approved a Circular on best practices for Airport Community Engagement.

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