Solar Guide for Airports

03.29.2010 | HMMH |

by Steve Barrett

This past week, Bob (Miller), Phil (DeVita) and I met with Jake Plante, FAA’s Project Manager, to kick-off the Solar Guide for Airports Project.  Over the next nine months, HMMH will be compiling information on solar technology, financing, FAA rules, and government funding, and consolidating it into an easy to read guidebook that will help airports assess the solar generation opportunity.  We will also be presenting detailed case studies of Airports – like DIA and ABQ – that have already developed solar projects and describe the factors that have made them successful.  How important is the amount of solar resource to the economics of a project?  What government incentive programs have been successful?  What are the roles of the different players (airport, solar company, utility)?  Have existing projects resulted in economic and other benefits?  How has the FAA ensured that these projects protect safe air navigation?  We look forward to working with the FAA in coming months to answer these questions, and more.