TBT: Happy Father’s Day!

06.12.2014 | Mary Ellen Eagan |

I’m pretty passionate about women in the workplace, the glass ceiling, work-life balance, and all that. This week, though, I’d like to give a shout out to all the HMMH Dads out there, who often don’t get enough credit for all the juggling they do as well. In fact, my best hope for a more balanced workplace in the future is that this generation of parents is truly co-parenting – dads are taking family leave, dealing with day care and all the other appointments that come along with small kids, etc. It can only be good news for us – and our kids!

Rosalie, 2006 [Dad Brad]

Jonah, 2008 [Dad Brad]

Maeve, 2010 [Dad Brad]

Owen, 2009 [Dad Jason]

Tyler, 2010 [Dad Jason]

Arden, 2011 [Dad Sean]

Molly, David, Greta, 2013

And finally, a shout out to David, who is always there for my kids (and me!) – including dancing with them in the Nutcracker!

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