UC Davis Aviation Noise & Emissions Symposium 2021

The 2021 UC Davis Aviation Noise and Emissions Symposium will explore the challenges facing the noise and emissions industry and real-world solutions. Presenters at the Symposium will discuss efforts to mitigate noise and environmental impacts of aviation being undertaken by elected officials, airports, consultants, communities, and the FAA.

Be sure to catch these HMMHers presenting at the conference

Timothy P. Middleton, C.M.

Senior Consultant

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Timothy Middleton, C.M. will be presenting during Session 4 – How will Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) benefit communities? on Wednesday, February 24th at 10:00am PT.

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Justin W. Cook, INCE, LEED GA

Director, Emerging Technologies and IT

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Rhea A. Hanrahan

Principal Consultant