Parks & Recreation

All of the fun, without the noise complaints.
Owners and operators of recreational and entertainment facilities turn to HMMH to preserve the soundscapes that their visitors, and neighbors, have come to expect.

For parks and recreation clients, HMMH analyzes existing or potential noise intrusions and predicts community response to new sources of sound. Our work for the National Park Service in culturally and ecologically sensitive lands such as Yellowstone, Glen Canyon, Hawai’i Volcanoes and Haleakala has led to some of the most comprehensive noise management programs in U.S. history. Theme park, racetrack, stadium and outdoor amphitheater clients come to us to ensure that the events and activities on their property do not intrude on the tranquility of surrounding neighborhoods.

We understand how unwanted noise can severely impact the operation and experiences had in these industries. Our project history will prove that our consultants are ready to handle any noise problem, big or small.

While conducting a sound study on the potential community impact of a controversial race track proposed in our community, HMMH staff were professional, knowledgeable, thorough, flexible, and innovative in their work and recommendations, and contributed significantly to our community’s understanding of the proposed development.

- Resident, Tamworth, NH