Sustainability & Energy

Let HMMH help you realize the benefits of developing sustainable infrastructure.
Transportation and Aviation clients from around the world rely on HMMH to address their complex environmental problems in sustainability, resilience, social sustainability, community engagement, and renewable energy.

Sustainable Development enables more efficient operations, conserves natural resources, meets community expectations, improves the customer experience, and saves money – both in the present and in the future. Sustainability management can help organizations be more resilient as well. The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it more important than ever to incorporate sustainability and resiliency as our economy recovers, in order to be able to meet the needs and challenges of future generations.

HMMH has developed a strong reputation for providing expert consulting services in the following areas:

Sustainability – Development of sustainability plans and strategies, greenhouse gas accounting and management plans, renewable energy project assessments, incorporation of sustainable design principles into construction projects, and sustainability rating systems evaluation

Infrastructure Resilience –Resilience analysis, feasibility, and projections to develop risk management strategies that account for climate change impacts, including data analysis and visualization

Social Sustainability and Quality of Life – Development of social responsibility components of sustainability plans, helping clients understand their impact on community quality of life, environmental justice analysis, and public health considerations

Renewable Energy – Solar glare analysis, impact analysis, energy source feasibility and siting studies to develop cost-effective solutions, identification of and pursuit of available government grants and financial incentives

HMMH responded quickly and produced a first-rate noise study for our client. They applied their expertise in modeling and their knowledge of local and state noise rules to prepare a study of the potential impacts of a utility scale wind turbine that clearly addressed the regulatory standards. We appreciated their flexibility and professionalism.

- Project Manager, Peregrine Energy Group