With a strong track record of over 40 years of successful consulting and research projects, HMMH partners with our clients, providing trusted expertise to address some of aviation’s biggest challenges.

Environmental issues constrain airports’ ability to grow. Since our founding, airports have turned to HMMH to tackle the nation’s most challenging environmental issues. In the 1980s, that issue was aircraft noise. Noise re-emerged with the implementation of NextGen airspace procedures.  HMMH was at the forefront, helping airports to develop and implement some of the first noise and land use compatibility programs. As other environmental issues emerged, such as balancing air quality effects with noise, HMMH added expertise to address new disciplines with the same commitment to technical excellence and client satisfaction. Now, we provide full-service environmental and sustainability planning, from development of renewable energy master plans to preparation of some of the nation’s most challenging environmental projects. For decades, some of the most prominent airports in the world have chosen HMMH as their on-call consultancy team for issues ranging from airport planning, to noise abatement and mitigation, to public outreach.

Our clients seek out HMMH’s experts to conduct meaningful outreach forums because of our recognized ability to relay complex technical information in a manner easy to understand.

HMMH’s work consistently meets or exceeds our expectations. We are extremely pleased with the firm’s responsiveness, technical expertise, ability to communicate, and their focus on our needs. Based on our very positive experience, I would highly recommend HMMH for assistance on aviation noise projects in general, and on noise compatibility projects in particular.

- Noise/Environmental Programs Coordinator, Louisville Regional Airport Authority