Noise and Vibration Solutions for Rail Projects and Urban Bus Rapid Transit Systems

Rail & Transit

Sustainable solutions to keep our cities moving.
HMMH has provided noise and vibration assessments and mitigation recommendations for transit and rail transportation systems across the U.S. for over three decades.

HMMH is an international leader in solving noise and vibration problems from all types of railroad and transit systems. We are active in all phases of rail projects from systems planning through construction. We are leaders in developing noise and vibration solutions for the environmental impacts of commuter, freight, light and high-speed rail projects, and urban bus rapid transit systems.

The Federal Transit Administration and the Federal Railroad Administration relied on HMMH to develop all of their Guidance on Assessing Noise and Vibration Impacts, including: the FTA Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment Manual, the CREATE Freight Noise and Vibration Model, and the High-Speed Ground Transportation Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment Manual. In addition, HMMH supported FRA in the noise assessments for the “Use of Locomotive Horns at Highway Rail Grade Crossings” final rule.

Air quality has also become a focus of our rail and transit design services. Our Certified Consulting Meteorologist supports a wide array of air quality services including mobile source, greenhouse gas and microscale/mesoscale analyses; air dispersion modeling; and air permitting.

Building on our expertise in rail and transit noise, vibration, and air quality services, HMMH provides rail-planning services, through the development of rail service operating plans, feasibility studies, and project implementation support.

HMMH rail and transit team members have developed recommendations that developers, urban planners, departments of transportation and local residents are exceedingly satisfied with.

I wish to thank HMMH on behalf of the joint-venture’s management team, for the efforts you put forth to bring this award winning project to a successful completion…You are to be complimented and should take pride in the fact that this system we designed and built was one of the largest rail expansion projects in North America while it was being constructed.

- Project Manager, LAN/STV – A Joint Venture