Federal Programs

Since 1981, our federal clients have relied on HMMH personnel for expert modeling, analyses and advice.

HMMH’s acoustical consultants, data analysts and modeling experts are the best that the industry has to offer in measuring, predicting, and characterizing the noise environment associated with operations of transportation systems. We believe the best outcomes are the result of partnering with our clients, and taking into consideration the unique missions of their organizations. Since HMMH was founded, our Federal Programs team has developed particular expertise in the evaluation and modeling of both military and civil aviation operations in a national, regional and local context.

Utilizing the latest military and civilian software, we maintain a comprehensive approach to our work, and collaborate with clients to produce a strategy that addresses the conceptual stages of program development through implementation and public outreach. HMMH proudly aids our clients with projects in all areas concerning airspace planning and environmental protection (14 CFR Part 77, AICUZ, JLUS, NEPA); environmental impact analyses, statements and assessments; and installation reorientation and beddown procedures (ICEMAP, BASEOPS and CATEX).

Our history with and current performance of numerous federal and civilian contracts is living proof of HMMH’s expertise and performance. Find out more about our current and future work for the United States armed forces and other federal agencies.

HMMH’s technical competence as well as their capability to work effectively with airports, adversarial community groups, and other governmental entities is unique and of significant value to us. HMMH project managers are highly experienced and consistently deliver timely results.

- Former (Retired) Environmental Programs Manager, FAA