Christopher P. Emma

Consultant Specializing in Federal Programs

Christopher Emma is part of the Federal Programs group at HMMH, drawing upon his simulations and modeling skills to predict noise exposure from aircraft operations. His analyses are used in environmental impact analyses, land-use compatibility studies, and policy research for FAA, Department of Defense, and airport clients.

Christopher has always been enthusiastic about science leading him to obtain both a BS and MS in Physics. His experience as both a researcher and software programmer throughout his career has given him a deep understanding and competence in software development.

Mr. Emma has knowledge of developing code in a variety of programming languages including Visual Basic, MS Excel Macros, Java, C++ and LabVIEW. He is also adept at using propriety and internal applications such as Varian’s Ion Implanter control system and the Department of Defense’s Xpatch Radar simulation.


Chris enjoys an annual mountain top camping trip to see the Perseids meteor shower.