Emily T. Lopez

Consultant Specializing in Aviation Environmental Services

Emily Lopez is part of the Aviation Environmental Services group at HMMH. Located in San Diego, CA,  Emily is focused on supporting the San Diego International Airport (SAN) Quieter Home Residential Sound Insulation Project (RSIP), supporting sound insulation projects at other airports, other noise measurement trips, as well as other overall project support. Emily brings experience working with data collection, analyzing environmental data sets, and reporting.

Emily graduated with a B.S. from the University of California Santa Barbara.  Prior to HMMH, Emily served as a Quality Control Microbiology Associate and an Environmental Laboratory Analyst. She has a strong interest in sustainability with a goal to better the environment.


At UCSB I ran 4 years of D1 Cross Country and Track & Field for the Big West Conference. My specialty during Track was the 5K and 10K. My next goal post – college is to run my first marathon.