Henry Echeverria

Consultant Specializing in Surface Transportation

Henry Echeverria is a Consultant in HMMH’s Surface Transportation Group. With a background in earth science, geology, and geophysics, he uses his analytical and qualitative skillset to determine ground borne vibration, traffic noise, and other environmental impacts provoked by highway and rail transportation. Henry helps develop model inputs, evaluate results, and conduct statistical analysis on transportation operations.

Prior to joining HMMH, Henry’s experience included working with large quantities of seismic data used to identify temporal and spatial patterns along the middle America subduction zone. This involved data management, data analysis, and figure creation and was completed using GMT software. Henry has worked with various equipment, including seismometer, gravimeter, magnetometer, and ground-penetrating radar.


Henry likes watching films, hiking, traveling to other countries to grasp their cultures, and used to practice jiu-jitsu.