Mariano Sarrate

Mariano Sarrate

Senior Technical Analyst Specializing in Aviation

Mariano is a Senior Technical Analyst in HMMH’s Aviation Services. He is proficient with Matlab, SpectraPLUS, SpectraQuest, and EASE software, and is an experienced user of the acoustical measurement instrument TEF. He studied extensively in the areas of environmental and architectural acoustics, vibration analysis, and general acoustical testing.

Mariano has a holistic understanding of acoustical issues, including indoor and outdoor sound propagation as well as various testing methodologies based on the circumstances and instruments being used for specific study areas.

Mariano holds a B.S in Acoustics from Columbia College in Chicago.


Mariano pursued his degree in acoustics because of his love for performance and music. He has been playing the upright and electric bass since 2004, and he never says no to a gig! In 2013, he recorded a studio album with Miami's Tabula Rasa.