ACRP Releases Airport Design and Construction Narrative Research Roadmap

07.31.2019 | Katherine B. Preston, ENV SP |

HMMH is pleased to have been a part of the TRB’s Airport Cooperative Research Program (ACRP): Airport Design and Construction Research Roadmap. This document outlines the key research gaps and topics of interest for airports in the design and construction fields. The research effort was led by HMMH’s Katherine Preston with contributions from Julia M. Nagy and Jessica L. Cohen, as well as subject matter expert Roddy Boggus of RS&H. The roadmap includes 40 individual research ideas, categorized into seven high‐level themes that represent the main challenges and areas of interest to the airport industry in design and construction over the next several years. If any of these ideas spark your interest, you are encouraged to submit them to ACRP’s IdeaHub!

Want more? You can also hear Katherine discuss the research roadmaps for both operations and maintenance, and design and construction. She discusses how to use the roadmaps, some of the findings from both, and the cross-cutting themes. Watch the video here >>

HMMH is also in the process of developing the ACRP Environmental Research Roadmap along with Cadmus, so stay tuned for more interesting research ideas!

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Katherine Preston, Principal Consultant, Aviation, HMMH

Katherine B. Preston, ENV SP

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