Baltimore Grand Prix

07.23.2009 | Christopher W. Menge |

The news is out!  Baltimore Racing Development, or BRD, has recieved initial city approval and funding commitment to bring a Grand Prix street race to downtown Baltimore – at the inner harbor.  This is exciting news because it’s the first such city street race in the Northeast.  Open-wheel Indy Cars and other types of cars compete in these races.  The race weekend is a four-day festival and could attact over 100,000 spectators.  Indy Racing League is backing this event, as is racing great Al Unser Jr.

HMMH is supporting Baltimore Racing Development with a  noise and vibration analysis.  We expect to ensure that the community is well informed, and that noise abatement measures are evaulated where needed.

The plan calls for the first race to be held on Labor Day Weekend 2011.  So stay tuned for real street racing excitement – only a short hop from anywhere in the Northeast!

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