HMMH: Celebrating 40 Years of Technical Excellence and Client Satisfaction

08.27.2021 | HMMH |

Today marks 40 years since HMMH’s founding. HMMH has changed tremendously over the course of four decades—expanding markets, expanding offices, reflecting technology changes, and more. We have evolved to meet the challenges our clients face, from local airport noise challenges to global climate problems. We’ve had the opportunity to work on some of the most exciting infrastructure projects in the country—including new airports, high-speed rail, and supersonic aircraft. Each of these projects is a new challenge to expand our thinking and drive innovation.

Our staff is the best in the industry—the brightest, most dedicated, and passionate folks you’d ever want to work with. In a recent client survey, we asked what sets HMMH apart from the competition; this was one response: “It is in how each employee works. Whether it is a Principal, VP, or entry-level consultant, they all take great pride in their work and consistently deliver the highest quality work.”

Despite all the change, HMMH’s core values have remained loyal to our founders’ vision: to serve clients with excellence and honesty, to respect others, to foster teamwork, and to seek growth opportunities. I am very proud of our ability to thrive in a challenging business environment without losing sight of the purpose of our work, and I’m humbled to be able to lead this group of extraordinary professionals.