Holiday Donations

12.18.2009 | HMMH |

by Alison Moore

The holiday season is here (back again so soon, it seems!).

Here in New England, cold (read VERY COLD) weather has also arrived. We held our annual Yankee Swap here in our Burlington, MA office yesterday.  Always a fun event- with a variety of delicious treats that encourage me to get on my elliptical machine at home in the evening. It’s not worth the guilt to skip my workout.

By the way, the most popular gift was the DVD player – where did someone find that for our $10-$15 price range? Must have been a Black Friday shopper. The most surprising gift was a fish bowl set-up…including a fish of course (yes a live Betta fish).

So, if the cold weather must come, we can’t stop it, but we can still enjoy our holiday fun! Many of us also remind ourselves how fortunate we are this time of year. Others give attention- volunteering, donations- to supporting others who may be experiencing tougher times.

In an effort to also offer support, HMMH has contributed to two organizations who are focused on caring for people who are experiencing economic difficulties. We are proud to share that we have contributed to each of these organizations in past years as well, recognizing the value they offer to a individuals and families in need. It is also important to HMMH that they are each involved in communities in close proximity to each of our office locations- Burlington, MA, Sacramento, CA, Richmond, VA and Washington DC.

The two organizations to whom we have made a holiday donation are Feeding America and the Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program.

A bit about each of these organizations:

  • People in every community face the risk of going hungry. For every $1 donated, Feeding America helps provide 7 meals to men, women and children facing hunger in our country. Feeding America works with large corporate donors to secure food and grocery products on a national level to distribute, to local food banks. The relationship that the Feeding America organization builds with larger corporations also helps facilitate a relationship between a local food bank and local grocery store, for example.
  • Many families need assistance to stay warm and safe. The Citizens Energy Oil Heat Program works with thousands of oil heat dealers and has delivered millions of gallons of discount home heating oil to poor and elderly households since 1979.  This program helps protect needy families from volatile heating oil prices, which often leave households having to choose between heating the home and paying for other life essentials, such as food, health care, or clothing.

Happy Holidays!