In the News

10.04.2010 | HMMH |

by Mary Ellen Eagan

Readers of a certain age (that’s a euphemism for “old, like me”) might remember a Saturday morning tv show called “In the News”.  It was not a show, really, but two-minute news clips targeted to us cartoon watchers; here’s an example on ozone.  That, combined with My Weekly Reader and Schoolhouse Rock, is how I got much of my information in those days, I fear.  I’m sure our parents thought they were as mind-numbing as we now find Y8 and other websites our kids love.  However, if it weren’t for I’m Just a Bill, I’d never have learned how laws are made (I’ve recently reviewed after 16 FAA authorizing extensions) AND then there’s Conjunction Junction.

Anyway, HMMH is “in the news” this week on a few projects:

  • Falmouth Municipal Turbine Noise:  HMMH is currently assisting the Town of Falmouth to evaluate the potential impacts of a second wind turbine at Wastewater Treatment Facility on Blacksmith Shop Road.  See story here, and a related post on the health effects of wind turbine sound by Chris Menge here.
  • Chris Menge has also been working with the folks at Canobie Lake Park in New Hamphire to evaluate the potential noise impacts of their proposed new Gerstlauer 320 Compact Euro-Fighter roller coaster.  See article here and other similar HMMH projects here.  Bottom line: new coasters are quieter than the old ones (except for the screams).
  • Finally, an interesting article on the future of tidal energy in Massachusetts, which focuses on the opportunity for Massachusetts to lead innovation in this area.  The article includes a long discussion with John Miller, our partner on the Edgartown Tidal Energy Project and Director of the Marine Renewable Energy Center at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and their work to develop a “National Renewable Energy Innovation Zone.”  The article also mentions Steve Barrett’s work on Nantucket. 

 I wonder if “In the News” was the start of our collective short attention span.