Jim’s Little Yellow Book

04.12.2011 | Mary Ellen Eagan |

I spent the weekend in a conference room in Florida, developing and rehearsing a 15-minute qualifications presentation for the Palm Beach County Department of Airports.  Sounds like your idea of fun?  I have to say, though, that it was a most rewarding couple of days, because it reminded me that I’m privileged to work with some wonderful people who live those lofty corporate values we claim to aspire to, but seldom achieve.

In this particular case, I was working with a bunch of guys from CH2M HILL, who were preparing a rising young star for his FIRST BIG INTERVIEW.  The patience, grace, and humor they demonstrated in mentoring their protégé was remarkable, and reflected not only on their own personalities, but the corporate culture that is captured in CH2M HILL founder Jim Howland’s Little Yellow Book.

Source: CH2M HILL

In our rush to “get stuff done”, we don’t often think about how we’re doing it.  Many thanks to Pete, Phil, Chip, and Tom for reminding me of what’s really most important, and why I enjoy working with such great people.

And we won!  Congratulations, guys.

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