October 2011 INM Course

08.24.2011 | HMMH |

HMMH’s is offering its fall Integrated Noise Model (INM) training course October 5-7.  Registration is open and space is available.  Check our website for registration details.  The course covers:

  • Airport noise terminology
  • Airport noise modeling basics
  • INM input
  • INM output
  • Several complete INM test cases

The vast majority of the course deals with the nuts and bolts of entering and editing model input, running the model, and handling the output.  Students get a lot of hands on practice.  If you plan on creating or reviewing airport noise contours, this course is for you.

I’ve been working with students in the INM course for nearly nine years.  We get a folks from a variety of backgrounds and I always enjoy helping them to learn something new.

INM Screen Capture