TBT: Congratulations Graduates!

05.22.2014 | Mary Ellen Eagan |

Kate Bowditch, Mary Ellen Eagan, Maria Kretzmann, Cornell ‘84

I graduated from Cornell University 30 years ago this weekend. Despite the fact that our crimson brethren (and now my family), refer to it as a “safety school”, Cornell was a wonderful place to attend college – and had a huge influence on my formation as an adult, professional, and friend. As a work-study student and engineering major in a house full of liberal arts students (can you say 8:00 am classes?), this may have been the place I learned about work-life balance. And lots of other things that are NSFW.

Also, it was having Cornell on my resume that probably got me an interview with HMMH – since Ted Baldwin is also an alumnus. It was my intention to work for a few months and move to Colorado. Who knew 30 years later I’d still be here?

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