Throwback Thursday: Happy Mother’s Day!

05.08.2014 | Mary Ellen Eagan |

In honor of Mother’s Day, here’s a shout out to the women of HMMH who’ve had babies in recent years! I will not use this space to talk about the challenges of being a working mom, work-life balance, or any of those issues. I will simply say that these women amaze me on a daily basis. And they produce beautiful babies!

Corinne, 2006 [Baby Elijah]

Corinne, 2008 [Baby Jonas]


Isabella, 2005 [Mother Wanda]

Zeke, 2012 [Mother Corinne]

Diana and Jake, 2008


Sophia, 2009 [Mother Wanda]

Connor, 2013 [Mother Crystale]

Corinne, 2014 [Baby #4 due in July]


PS. Dads, your turn is coming!


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