Transit Noise and Vibration Training Course

08.09.2011 | HMMH |

by Lance Meister

The National Transit Institute is offering a three-day course on transit noise and vibration impact assessment.  The course is based on the FTA Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment guidance manual and will run from September 19-21 in Baltimore, MD.  Information about the course can be found on the HMMH website.  You can sign up to take the course at the NTI website.

Having taught the course a number of times, I can say that the majority of the students find it very valuable and worth the time and expense.  Check out some student testimonials here.  The course covers much of the material in the manual, including:

  • noise and vibration basics
  • screening and general assessments
  • introduction to the detailed assessment
  • construction noise and vibration
  • use of the FTA noise model

We have class exercises reflecting real-world scenarios to help with the learning experience.  In addition to the instructors from HMMH that will be in Baltimore, there will be a representative from FTA to assist with the policy discussions.

Finally, at the end of the third day, we offer an open forum for class participants to discuss their projects and any noise or vibration issues they may have.  This is an excellent opportunity to get advice on project specific concerns from experts in the field.

Space is limited, so sign up now.  We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore!