ACRP Releases Guidebook for Developing a Comprehensive Renewable Resources Strategy

05.06.2019 |

HMMH is proud to announce the release of the ACRP Guidebook for Developing a Comprehensive Renewable Resources Strategy. This guidebook provides airport planners, staff, and other stakeholders with the necessary background material, information, process, tools, and framework for developing an airport specific renewable resources strategy. Co-Authored by our consultants Philip DeVita and Jessica Cohen, read the full report here >>

About the Author
Philip DeVita, Phil DeVita, Director, Air Quality, HMMH

Philip M. DeVita, CCM

Director, Air Quality

Phil DeVita is the Director of Air Quality at HMMH. His decades of experience and vast technical knowledge encompass aviation, railway and transit, highway, climate and energy, and commercial projects. Phil recently managed a project concerning Hampton and Norfolk, VA, in which his team performed a CO Hot Spot Analysis and quantitative MSAT analysis using MOVES, greenhouse gas assessment and CO tunnel emission analysis.

In addition to his extensive work with HMMH, Phil was also a principal author for the FAA’s 2010 Technical Guidance for Evaluating Selected Solar Technologies on Airports. Phil has conducted air quality analysis and prepared impact assessments for numerous transportation projects as well as analyses of power and industrial sources using AERMOD, EDMS/AEDT, MOVES, SGHAT, CAL3QHC and CALPUFF.

Phil holds both an M.S. in Environmental Studies and a B.S. in Meteorology from University of Massachusetts Lowell.

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