HMMH Commits to Offsetting Carbon from Air Travel

09.20.2019 |

As a national firm with staff and clients located throughout the world, HMMH employees must travel a good deal to serve our clients, attend conferences, and share and expand our knowledge through training programs. HMMH takes its commitment to operating sustainably seriously and that includes considering how our business contributes to climate change, particularly through carbon emissions from flying. In light of the United Nations Climate Action Summit this month in New York, HMMH is pleased to announce a corporate commitment to offsetting carbon emissions generated from all staff travel through The Good Traveler program.

The Good Traveler Program was founded in 2015 by San Diego International Airport to provide travelers with a simple way to offset their flights and make air travel more sustainable. The program has since expanded to airports around the country and has an Advisory Board consisting of 13 U.S airports accommodating nearly 500 million annual passengers. The Good Traveler offers a carbon estimator tool and the ability to purchase carbon offsets online as well as in participating airports. The program is now managed by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI).

Carbon offsets are a mechanism to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas responsible for climate change, in the atmosphere. Each carbon offset is a formal recognition that one metric ton of CO2 has been removed from the atmosphere or avoided. Examples include renewable energy projects, reforestation, or landfill methane capture to generate power. RMI’s long-term goal is to invest in offset projects within the aviation industry, such as sustainable aviation fuel and other efforts to decarbonize aviation. As the only carbon offset and mitigation program partnered with airports and focused on decarbonizing the industry, The Good Traveler’s vision is to become the go-to and trusted source for zero carbon aviation.

In addition to our commitment to purchasing carbon offsets, HMMH has undertaken a number of other sustainability initiatives such as committing to the 2016 White House Equal Pay Pledge, instituting a remote and work-from-home policy (which helps minimize environmental impacts of commuting), energy efficiency measures for our offices, and much more.

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