HMMH Earns Great Place to Work Certification

06.15.2021 |

HMMH is pleased to announce we have been Certified™ by Great Place to Work®. Our employees have spoken and 95% say HMMH is a great place to work, compared to 59% of employees at a typical U.S.-based company.

Great Place to Work® Certification™ is the most definitive “employer-of-choice” recognition that companies aspire to achieve. It is the only recognition based entirely on what employees report about their workplace experience—specifically, how consistently they experience a high-trust workplace.

HMMH greatly values its employees and strives to promote a culture of health and wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic made it a challenge to stay connected but we looked for creative solutions like virtual events, check-ins, and activities to boost mental and physical health. Even prior to the pandemic, we prided ourselves on providing opportunities for career advancement while maintaining a healthy work/life balance, including flexible schedules and compressed work week options.

“It’s trite to say, but HMMH’s biggest asset is its people. Our folks give everything they have to our work, and it’s only right that we make working at HMMH as pleasant and rewarding as possible in return,” said Mary Ellen Eagan, President & CEO of HMMH.

HMMH Habitat for Humanity 2020

In addition to fostering a positive work environment, HMMH is committed to being a sustainable and responsible business. We have undertaken a number of sustainability initiatives, such as instituting a remote and work-from-home policy (which helps minimize environmental impacts of commuting), energy efficiency measures for our offices, carbon offsetting for company travel. In addition, HMMH is committed to the 2016 White House Equal Pay Pledge and are proud to be part of the Boston Women’s Workforce Council, striving to achieve equality for women in the workplace.

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