Ownership structures and the implications for developing airport solar projects in the USA

03.31.2015 | HMMH |


Airports are continuously looking for alternative revenue streams to increase their competitiveness and grow their business. They are also exploring ways to use technology to run more efficiently and achieve meaningful cost savings. New revenue and savings can be passed on to anchor tenants in the form of more competitive rates and charges. Renewable energy has become an increasingly cost-effective business option as a result of technological advancement, market maturity and public sector investment. Airports have particular characteristics that enhance the financial viability of on-site renewable energy, particularly for solar photovoltaics (PV). Airport land and buildings can provide suitable sites for solar facilities that otherwise do not generate financial benefit.

This reassuring piece of literature from HMMH’s former director of Climate & Energy can be treated as an introduction to the future of the relationship between aviation and renewable energy. As airports continue deciding to invest in sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, why should renewable energy production not be a part of that plan?

With a discussion on the history of this relationship as well as the financial implications of these projects, this article from the Journal of Airport Management is the perfect introduction for any aviation professional who is considering going green.

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