Brandon Robinette, Principal Consultant, Aviation, Federal Programs, HMMH, acoustics, federal programs, acoustics modeling

Brandon L. Robinette

Principal Consultant Specializing in Aviation and Federal Programs

Brandon is a Colorado-based Principal Consultant for HMMH’s Federal Programs practice. His responsibilities include a broad range of modeling, testing, and analysis services in support of aviation planning programs, NEPA studies, transportation noise, and architectural acoustics. He specializes in military aviation noise analyses, has lead numerous airfield, range and airspace noise studies, and developed tools for aircraft noise visualization. Brandon’s expertise includes noise assessments for DoD Air Installation Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) and Environmental Impact Analysis under NEPA; military and civilian aircraft operating procedures; environmental and architectural acoustics modeling; and surface transportation noise impact analyses and measurements.

He is well versed in leveraging the capabilities of a wide range of noise-prediction models such as NOISEMAP (NMAP), the Integrated Noise Model (INM), Military Range NOISEMAP (MR_NMAP), the Rotorcraft Noise Model (RNM), the Advanced Acoustics Model (AAM), and Blast Noise (BNOISE) to assess noise in complex and varied operating environments. As the author of technical documents detailing noise data, models, methodologies and results of related analyses, Brandon provides guidance to stakeholders on studies performed and their application to stakeholder operations, missions, and policy interests.

Brandon holds a B.A. in Acoustics from Columbia College in Chicago.


Brandon enjoys spending his free time working with music technology, snowboarding, bike riding, and hiking.