FAA National Aircraft Noise and Annoyance Technical Support

HMMH provides the technical leadership along with the skilled project management and administrative support to assist FAA Headquarters, Office of Environment and Energy (AEE-100) in carrying out its mission of providing scientific understanding to support nationwide aviation policy in the area of environmental performance.

One of the FAA programs developed to fulfill that mission is the National Airports Annoyance Survey, the object of which is to update prior dose-response relationships – some of which date to the 1970s – and provide a best estimate of the current relationship between aircraft noise exposure and the self-reported annoyance of residents for the nation as a whole.

HMMH led the development of the National Airports Annoyance Survey, including initially developing a research proof-of-concept through ACRP. In 2015, FAA engaged the HMMH Team to undertake the full survey, a task entailing: (1) development of a balanced sampling scheme to identify and select 20 airports with scheduled air carrier operations whose noise environment would be characterized; (2) performing concurrent noise modeling at these resulting airports to enable identification of potential survey respondents; (3) further refinement of the survey design and questionnaires; and (4) obtaining requisite approvals required when collecting data on behalf of the government. Later that year sampling began, concluding in fall of 2016 and updated dose-response relationships were derived and delivered to FAA in 2017.

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