Dayna M. Bowen

Principal Consultant Specializing in Rail & Transit, Highway, and Construction & Architecture

Dayna Bowen is a Principal Consultant at HMMH with more than 18 years of experience managing and performing air quality, noise and vibration assessments related to surface transportation, development, rezoning, industrial, and community noise enforcement projects. Since beginning her career in acoustical consulting in 2004, Ms. Bowen has performed countless noise measurement studies, documenting highway traffic and rail noise levels, mechanical equipment noise as well as construction noise levels and has performed preliminary and final design of noise walls in various locations throughout the country.

Ms. Bowen’s prior work experience also includes extensive experience in the development of construction noise and vibration specifications, monitoring construction noise compliance, review of construction noise mitigation plans, and on-site inspections of contractor noise mitigation measures. She is trained in community noise enforcement and has provided expert testimony for several community noise issues. Ms. Bowen is experienced in AutoCAD, the Federal Highway Administration’s Traffic Noise Model and Roadway Construction Noise Model, SoundPLAN noise modeling software, and the Federal Transit Administration’s Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment procedures.