HMMH Senior Consultant Dillon S. Tannler, Surface Transportation Noise and Vibration Consultant

Dillon S. Tannler

Senior Consultant Specializing in Highway and Aviation

Dillon Tannler is an experienced environmental professional with a background in air and noise management for the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT). He possesses strong technical skills involving not only noise and air quality issues, but wildlife and natural resource management as well. He is an experienced user of ArcGIS, AutoCAD, TNM 2.5, and B&K and Larson Davis Noise Meters.

Dillon has worked on a variety of highway, construction, and other environmental projects, and brings to HMMH in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements for NEPA and public engagement on noise and air quality issues.

Dillon holds a B.S. in Economic, Environmental Policy and Management from Oregon State University.


Dillon grew up on a dairy farm in Oregon. In his spare time he enjoys traveling to new places with his wife Kristin and enjoying the local food.