Hayden T. Jubera

Senior Consultant Specializing in Highway, Rail & Transit, and Aviation

Since starting at HMMH in the summer of 2015, Hayden has been involved in a wide range of HMMH transit noise mitigation projects, spanning highway, aviation, sound insulation, and rail. Specializing in noise modeling, Hayden is experienced with the Federal Highway Administration’s Traffic Noise Model (TNM) and the Federal Transit Administration’s Transit Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment. He is also well-versed in leading Sound Insulation measurement trips and analyzing the collected data.

Soundscapes provide a foundation that we seldom notice, but undoubtedly appreciate. While at Columbia College, Hayden investigated the ability of short term noise measurements to accurately explain the soundscape of a downtown Chicago Park. Without studies such as this, the tranquility that so many find in urban green spaces would be overshadowed by an orchestra of city traffic.

Hayden holds a B.S. in Acoustics from Columbia College in Chicago.


Hayden grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland on an island in the Chesapeake Bay. This led to a love for the water and the outdoors, and the birth of new hobbies like backpacking and scuba diving.