Airport Noise Mitigation Program, George Bush Intercontinental Airport

Airport Noise Mitigation Program, George Bush Intercontinental Airport

The Houston Airport System is implementing a Noise Mitigation Program for residents within the North Hollow Neighborhood adjacent to George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) in Humble, Texas. The Program is the result of an Environmental Impact Study completed by the FAA. HMMH is providing acoustical testing, design, and consulting services for the sound insulation portion of the Program. HMMH also developed an Acoustical Testing Plan (ATP) for the Program. The purpose of the testing services is two-fold: (1) to determine program eligibility– homes must have average interior DNL noise levels of 45 dB or greater to qualify; and (2) to provide quality assurance that the installed acoustic treatments are meeting the noise reduction goals of the Program, which are an interior DNL of less than 45 dB and at least a 5 dB improvement in outdoor-to-indoor aircraft Noise Level Reduction (NLR).

The pre-construction acoustical testing results showed that nearly 95 percent of homes had average interior noise levels greater than or equal to 45 dB, or are within 1 dB of this criterion. The FAA therefore approved all residences within the North Hollow neighborhood as eligible for sound insulation improvements in all habitable rooms.

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