Kristine Collins, Administrative, Project Support, HMMH, client support

Kristine J. Collins

Accounts Payable Administrator & Project Support Specializing in Administration

Since 1999, Kristine has been a crucial member of the HMMH support staff, providing administrative assistance, proposal, project, and client support. Some of her key responsibilities include formatting and handling various proposal and safety forms, as well as the production and dissemination of advertising material for sponsored training courses on the Integrated Noise Model (INM) and Transit Noise Model (TNM).

She is also responsible for aiding in the workflow organization at HMMH. She can frequently be found assisting clients and coworkers in navigating our contact network, coordinating travel arrangements, managing shipping and receiving, maintaining HMMH’s client database and supporting our subcontract and contract review cycles.


Kristine is an avid reader, and her personal library has included countless books of the mystery, crime, and historical fiction genres.