J. Eric Cox, Senior aviation consultant, HMMH, noise and vibration, transit vibration mitigation

J. Eric Cox

Lead Technical Analyst Specializing in Highway, Aviation, Rail & Transit, Federal Programs, Sustainability & Energy, and Construction & Architecture

Eric has worked on numerous noise and vibration project experience across a wide array of market areas. He provides both leadership and support in in areas such as aviation, rail/transit, highway, wind energy, construction/architecture (quarries, construction sites and firing ranges), residential/institutional sound insulation and federal research programs. Eric has also developed expertise with a variety of noise and vibration instrumentation and measurement techniques, such as On Board Sound Intensity (OBSI) and wayside measurements of quiet pavements as well as wind turbine compliance monitoring and rail/transit vibration mitigation studies.

He has most recently been involved in several projects and research efforts to assist FAA and airports in standardizing the process to determine eligibility for AIP-funded sound insulation programs. Eric also has previous experience and ongoing involvement in the development of auralization tools for environmental noise assessments.

Eric holds a B.A. in Mathematics summa cum laude, from Berea College in Kentucky. He has also pursued graduate courses toward an M.S. in Applied Physics from Northern Illinois University.


Eric has been playing traditional Irish music (primarily the flute and tin whistle) since his childhood. Following his graduation from Berea College in 1999, he spent a year in Ireland studying traditional music, culture, and instrument making as a recipient of the Thomas J. Watson Fellowship. It was this experience that led him to pursue the field of acoustics during his graduate studies in applied physics. Eric now performs regularly throughout the greater Boston area in his spare time.