Mihir Rimjha

Senior Technical Analyst Specializing in Aviation Environmental Services

Mihir is a Senior Consultant in the Aviation Environmental Services Group at HMMH. He recently graduated with a Ph.D. in Air Transportation Systems from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Virginia Tech. He worked at the Air Transportation Systems Laboratory (ATSL) on designing robust frameworks and models for several air transportation systems, especially future mobility concepts like Urban Air Mobility (UAM). He specializes in demand modeling, air transportation systems, network analysis, and simulation modeling. He has previously worked on multiple NASA Langley-sponsored research projects focusing on analyzing the feasibility of UAM in several U.S. urban regions.

Mihir utilizes Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT) to perform noise studies. Moreover, he has developed a noise estimation framework to calculate potential annoyance and noise levels from UAM operations. Mihir has disseminated his research at the AIAA Aviation Forum, ICNS, and INFORMS conferences and has several first and second-author publications to his credit.